1. Watch the video and decide if the statements are True or False.


  1. George was an elderly man.
  2. He was very lonely.
  3. George loved Rosemary.
  4. Rosemary was his colleague.
  5. Rosemary was married.
  6. George was very shy to ask Rosemary for a date.
  7. One morning he phoned Rosemary and asked her for a date.
  8. He rang Rosemary’s door and sang a song.
  9. Rosemary liked George.
  10. At the end of the story Rosemary sold her house and moved to George.


  1. Watch the video once again and finish the sentences.


  1. This story is about ________________. He lived ______________ and he had ____________.
  2. On cold rainy days he ____________.
  3. On sunny days he __________.
  4. He liked _______________. She was ___________________.
  5. He wanted to ask her for a date but he was very ________.
  6. One morning he ________________________.
  7. Then he phoned Rosemary but _______________.
  8. In the evening he decided to go to her. So, he rang the door, ____________.
  9. In her house he saw ____________.
  10. Finally, ____________________.

Brother by Kodaline

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