Where do I go?

I can name the means of transport. I can talk about my travels. I san write a postcard.


How do I get there?

I will do lots of exercises. I will arrange a trip. I will learn about PAst Simple.


How do I know I am there?

I can show the way to a foreigner. I will write a postcard. I will succeed in a test.




List of exercises: 2/49 in the book, 1,2,3/14 in the workbook


Was Monica at school yesterday?

Ex. 2&3/p. 52, ex. 4&5/p.14


  1. Choose!
  2. Quiz
  3. Games


I studied a lot yesterday



My book: ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / page 54

My workbook: ex. 7, 8 / p. 15


  1. Engly.pl
  2. English Help
  3. Perfect English Grammar
  4. Games
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