Present Simple



How often do you go to the cinema?




I’m always very busy in the morning.

I usually get up at 6.10.

I sometimes go for a run in the morning.

Let’s try!

  1. Exercise
  2. Exercise
  3. Exercise
  4. Exercise
  5. Exercise
  6. Exercise
  7. Exercise
  8. Exercise
  9. Exercise
  10. Exercise
  11. Exercise
  12. Exercise
  13. Exercise
  14. Pirate’s  Game
  15. Catch the verbs
  16. Memory Game




And more excercises


And even more excercises


Worksheet: simple-present



How often do you go to karate?


Page 60, 61,62

champion, outfit, tournament, train, class, Are you any good?, how often?, once a week (1), twice a week (2), three times a week…

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