How can I help you?

I’d like to… (book a ticket)…

Are there any discounts?

Are there any group discounts?

Is this film suitable for teenagers?

I need four tickets

What time does this film start?

What type of film is this?

Is this film with dubbing or with subtitles?

Do I need 3D glasses?

How long is the film?

How long is the commercial part before the film?

Which room is the film on?

How much is popcorn?

last row

book a ticket

book a place

pay in advance

pay in cash

use a credit card

in the aisle

in the first row

Making suggestions
Suggestions Reactions
Why don’t we go to the cinema?

What about…(„Jane Eyre”)?

Let’s watch a comedy!

That’s a good idea!

I don’t know.


No, thanks!

No way!

I’m in!

Our conversations
Our texting
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