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eTwinning-project “Multi-lingual travel guide for kids” 



eTwinning-project “Multi-lingual travel guide for kids”  Groups according to preferences


Germany Poland Spain
sights & guided tours 1 Sirin Aclan (f)

Magdalena Boll (f)

Franciszek Zelek (m) Ainhoa Folgado Molina (f)

Victoria González Fernández (f)

sights & guided tours 2 Kimberly Scoggins (f) Natalia Choroszy (f) Ricardo Sánchez Santos (m)
nature (flora, fauna, weather…) 1 Carla Sonntag (f) Anna Cieślik (f) Marina Ribeiro Sastre (f)
nature (flora, fauna, weather…) 2 Emma Neugebauer (f) Magdalena Cygan (f)

Alicja Popławska (f)

Noah Rebollo Malillos (f)


history 1 Jonas Marks (m) Michał Biesaga (m) Marco Martín Gato (m)
history 2 Marie Schott (f) Aleksandra Trębacz (f) Marta Iglesias Malillos (f)


legends 1 Thore Rimkus (m) Jan Dworakowski (m) Jorge Domínguez Ferrero (m)
legends 2 Svenja Richter (f) Magdalena Majda (f) Elia Francisco García (f)
manners & customs 1 Ole Brockmöller (m) Mateusz Basista (m) Ángel Enríquez Gago (m)

Nicolás Santos Pérez (m)

manners & customs 2 Lars Pätzold (m) Natalia Cyganik (f) Juan Rodríguez Regilón (m)

David Rodríguez Gutiérrez (m)

activities (leisure, daytrips…) 1 Christoph Schinke (m) Mateusz Kolasa (m)

Piotr Laurman (m)

Ekaiz Hernández Morán (m)
activities (leisure, daytrips…) 2 Clara Kehler (f)

Emily Otte (f)

Jan Warmuz (m) Marta Ru Iglesias Malillos(f)

Eva Machicado Salazar (f)

sports 1 Jonathan Hantzko (m) Maciej Szczurko (m) Javier Acevedo Monje (m)

Anabel Benito Aliste (f)

sports 2 Liane Bunce (f) Zofia Brydak (f) Casandra Granjo Machado (f)
venues 1 Alec Gosewisch (m) Magdalena Rybowicz (f) María Pelayo Hernández (f)

Claudia Julián Manso (f)

venues 2 Anna Lohse (f) Kinga Świątko (f) Laura Poyo Malillo (f)


food & drink 1 Alina Ettmer (f)

Friederike Henrichs (f)

Patrycja Gawara (f) Noelia Martín Rafael (f)
food & drink 2 Rebecca Dathe (f) Zuzanna Mięsowska (f) Jana Alonso Rodríguez (f)
public transport 1 Mathis Gayk (m) Paweł Gawara (m) Izan Jiménez Chaves (m)
public transport 2 Ronja Krüger (f) Patryk Panek (m)  

Ainhoa Rico Domínguez (f)

language guide 1 Merle Schoof (f) Agata Oczkoś (f) Alejandra Manzano Rodríguez (f)
language guide 2 Lea Krause (f) Tymoteusz Ostrożański (m) Raquel Calvo Aragón (f)

Ander Sánchez Gutiérrez (m)



  1. Krok pierwszy: rejestracja.

To open their accounts, your students must follow the same steps as we do:

Go to the eTwinning homepage ( and click the „My TwinSpaces” link. Then they enter:

username: firstname.lastname
password: Poland

To upload an image, they just need to click on „add images” in the middle of the screen and then again click „upload image” in the right area of the screen. Then they can choose an image that’s on their computer. To upload the audio-file, they need to click on „add file” and then „upload file”.
If they can manage, let your students put the images and sound-files into the folders that are already prepared and which I called „students profiles”. If that’s too difficult, I can deal with it later.

24th February is our deadline 🙂


Our Twinspace

2. Krok drugi: who is who?

Create an audio-profile (mp3) of yourself for your partners following these steps:
• personal information (name, family, hometown, languages, pets etc.)
• freetime activities (sports, instruments etc.)
• other interests (e.g. your favourite music, stars your admire etc.)
Together with your audio-profile, you will upload a personal photo (e.g. of yourself, your house,
your pet, your hobby etc.) that your partners will have to match with your profile. End your audioprofile
by telling your partners what kind of photo they have to look for.
When uploading the picture, make sure not to mention your name in the file – otherwise matching it
to your audio-profile will be too easy.
Language help
Hello! / Hi there!
My name is ___.
I am ___ years old.
I live in ___ with my parents/father/mother/X brother(s)/X sister(s)…
I speak German/Polish/Spanish/English/French/…
At home we speak ___.
My family has got a dog/cat/rabbid/budgie/… named ___.
My hobby/-ies is/are ___.
I like ___ because …
I am (also) interested in ___.
I admire/like ___.
I uploaded a photo of myself / my room / my dog / … See if you can find it!

3. Krok trzeci: wstawianie plików

We need some sort of system for naming the files, otherwise we will get lost. Here’s my suggestion:

audio-files:  „POL Firstname Lastname”
pictures: „POL my pet/family/house/etc” or „POL that’s me” or „POL my favourite singer” etc

For the matching game (match audio-files and pictures of one’s partner’s) to work, the pictures must refer to something mentioned in the audio-file but cannot contain the students’ actual names.


Konwerter nagrań do formatu mp3


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